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The Mommy Mindset Starts Soon....You Do NOT Want to Miss This!!









Do you feel like you have lost your identity since becoming a mom?

Are you riding in the passenger seat but want to drive your life again? 

This is a safe place for Christian homeschooling mom’s who need to redefine their identity, find support in community, and create balance!

It’s time to realize we need to pamper ourselves so that we can pour into our family without losing ourselves in the process!

Let's break new ground & reconnect with yourself again!!

The Unorthodox Mom Movement provides a safe, nonjudgmental place. We laugh, cry, laugh some more and support each other. …Join the Unorthodox Mom Movement


Feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day....EVERY day!

Feeling like you have a place to turn and support by like-minded moms!

Having the whole family contribute to the household so they can be productive members of society and doing it together so you don't have to "do it all" right now!

Finding YOUR passion outside of raising a family!

Creating new habits and routines for yourself and your family!

Having a completely new Mommy Mindset!

  • Who doesn't want to "create" more time in the day? Wake up early each and every day designing space for yourself journaling, praying for you and your family and setting your intention for a successful week. You can redefine your identity, love and value yourself so you can be more playful, positive and pour into your family without losing yourself in the process.

    Are you feeling like...

  • ...Cinderella catering to all those around you, but don’t find time for yourself.

  • ...your husband doesn’t understand your frustrations?

  • ...you don't know who to turn to and feel all alone?

  • ...you're overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, but are "frozen" because you don't know where to start?

  • ...you can't find a good balance between family, work, school and taking "you" time?

  • I just want you to know this is an authentic, safe, non-judgmental zone.

  • If you need to vent and need to learn how to give yourself permission to be human and make mistakes or are an absolute haute mess, you're in the RIGHT place.

  • If you're looking for a failing-forward community of moms to learn and grow from, you're in the RIGHT place.

  • If you're looking for ways to take care of yourself, redefine your identity, deal with sibling rivalry, house chore struggles, potty training, scheduling, meals/meal prep...oh my!

  • BREATHE! ....all those things that mommy managers need help with....

  • YEP, you're in the RIGHT place!

    Grab a coffee, tea , water or wine and join in!

  • Here's what Brandi, co-owner of Wilkes Realty and mom of 4 has to say...

    As a mom of 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls), I struggled with potty training with my oldest 2. With my oldest boy it seemed to take over a year with several accidents, several frustration days and nights, reward systems, point systems and everything else in between before I could get him fully potty trained. 

    With my oldest daughter it was a little bit easier but still took several months and all of the same frustrations. So when I learned of this potty training system I was at first skeptical like "there was no possible way I could potty train a kid in one weekend", but I was hopeful and up for anything that could shorten my anxiety with potty training so I figured I'd give it a try.

    With my third child, who is also a special needs child, we followed the system to a tee. We set everything up on a Friday, she had one accident Friday night and by Sunday was fully potty trained! I couldn't believe it! I sent her back to preschool on Monday and told them that she no longer needed diapers and was fully potty trained they were amazed! 

    With my last baby we did the same system again with him on a Friday. He had one accident Saturday morning and by Sunday night was fully potty trained as well! 

    This has been the most incredible system I have ever come across for potty training! I have shared it with my friends and their kids and with my family and their kids and everyone is absolutely blown away at how well this system works! I cannot recommend it enough and I cannot be more grateful and thankful for potty training my two youngest kids so easily.

    Meet Your Mommy Mindset Coach

    Hi Moms! I'm Kimberly! 

    ....I'm close to hitting my 50's! YIKES! I have 5 kiddos and have homeschooled for the last 14 years. I certainly do NOT know it all, but I love sharing with other moms some things I have learned and continue to learn from the vast experience of other moms and I believe we need to work together to raise honorable, trustworthy men and respectable, upstanding women. I help overwhelmed moms redefine their identity to love and value themselves so they can be more playful, positive and pour into their family without losing themselves in the process!

    I grew up in a single family home and my mom was not around much. I vowed to be there for my kids...in fact, God provided the path for me to not only be able to stay home, but to also homeschool them.

    **Add a little more bout background story...how you got here!